Catch International Community Builders’ Vision

Absolutely nothing of significance has ever been accomplished without passion. Passion is the driving force of heart and soul that activates our achievements and brings inner fulfillment.

In our own unique way, we are all born to make a life—not just a living! Within every one of us is a call—the summons to do something, however minimal or unnoticed. It is when we step deeper into life’s hardships and forgotten families and take it personally that we can make the world a brighter place around us!

Consider this startling fact: One in five American children live in homes with an income below the federal poverty level. That compelling statistic sparks an intense desire for us to encourage physical, emotional, spiritual and financial progress among our neighbors. When the collaborative skills, abilities and expertise of these leaders are sufficiently mined, amazing transformations can result! As these families are challenged to dig deeper, look farther and reach higher, significant changes will be realized in their lives.

Please review the programs that are producing amazing returns in our community:

For Children and Youth:

I.C.B. Sports Program (Basketball, Cheerleading, Soccer, and Football)

Health, Education & Wellness Center

For Adults:

Financial Peace University

Articles and Teaching Videos

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