Who is International Community Builders?

In June 2012, a group of visionary leaders with a heart to identify and heal the ills of our community, decided...it’s time to do something about it! To demonstrate their passion to serve children, youth and adults—not only in the immediate neighborhood, but far beyond local borders, this team adopted the name "International Community Builders".

The nonprofit organizations are:

  • All About the Family
  • Health, Education and Wellness Center
  • e-VINE Interactive Library (Ventures-In-Net-Education)

History of All About the Family

In January 2011, Irvin and Phyllis Clark launched All About the Family, a ministry that offers training and instruction from numerous existing programs—plus new classes that will attract the interest of both parents and children.

Our mission is to encourage, support and equip families with an array of wholesome, entertaining activities for parents and kids. Not only do we strive to restore fractured, broken homes with counseling, parenting and homemaking skills, we also provide activities for families to build meaningful relationships, such as inspirational movies, bowling leagues, softball leagues and picnics.

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History of Health, Education & Wellness Center

Founded in October 2009 by retired school teacher Janet Craft, the mission of this 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization is to encourage positive attitudes about healthy eating that can affect us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Health, Education & Wellness Center has taught groups of up to 30 children, ages 5 – 13 (and their parents), about nutrition, diet, food preparation and cooking skills. The ideal way for kids to learn about healthy eating and to acquire a taste for nutritious food is to let them grow their own fruits and vegetables in a community garden.

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History of e-VINE Interactive Library

Far from housing dusty volumes on a bookshelf, e-VINE Interactive Library, Inc. (Ventures-In-Net-Education) is committed to providing online visitors of every age and in every nation with countless opportunities to learn and grow. In this unique library are hundreds of articles, stories, movies, puppet shows, and videos—with audio voice enhancement.

e-VINE‘s key mission is to encourage website visitors of all ages to experience the true joy of learning, personal development, and productive living by offering an array of exciting, interactive publications—at no charge to the viewer.

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I.C.B. Member Area

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What We Do

International Community Builders is committed to the revitalization of families. Our goal is to provide methods, training and supporting events that will assist our hurting neighbors to improve their way of life.

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Who We Serve

As the partners began to collaborate, they chose to focus specifically on the latest census data, revealing a significant increase in children being raised by extended family members—primarily grandparents.

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All About the Family, e-VINE Interactive Library, Inc. and the Health, Education and Wellness Center are leading the way into building positive communities.

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