History of e-VINE Interactive Library

Far from housing dusty volumes on a bookshelf, e-VINE Interactive Library, Inc. (Ventures-In-Net-Education) is committed to providing online visitors of every age and in every nation with countless opportunities to learn and grow. In this unique library are hundreds of articles, stories, movies, puppet shows, and videos—with audio voice enhancement.

e-VINE‘s key mission is to encourage website visitors of all ages to experience the true joy of learning, personal development, and productive living by offering an array of exciting, interactive publications—at no charge to the viewer.

The library was founded by Marcella Willhoite, a writer, editor, and owner for 25 years of a publishing company with her late husband, Ron Willhoite. Having savvy young grandchildren of her own, this senior citizen recognized that educators are failing to capture the attention of youthful "navigators of the world-wide-web".

In January 2008, Marcella set out on an ambitious mission to promote motivational learning via the medium of 21st century cyberspace. Equipped with a team of experienced, skilled associates, e-VINE Interactive Library has recently launched a feat which she firmly believes to be the crowning enterprise of her life.

Rather than opting for the traditional approach of earning prizes and gift certificates for self benefit, e-VINE has designed a unique incentive to encourage participants to become active learners. "Points-for-Projects" is a creative concept that invites viewers to experience first-hand the joy of giving to others.

Upon completing an article, book, movie, puppet show, or video, points will be earned when a participant successfully completes a brief quiz. Earned points may then be used to fund one or more projects submitted by a nonprofit organization. To provide the "financial" support for these community projects, e-VINE will continually search for donors who have caught our vision.

Think of the possibilities here! A worthwhile community project could motivate countless students and adults to active participation. Imagine the vast number of online posts that will encourage friends, work associates and family members to support a worthy project through this simple concept.

As the spirit of giving becomes infectious, participants will want to support new causes, other than their own. And all the while, learners are being personally enriched each time they earn points!

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